12 March, 2015
V4 Environmental Export Platform
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V4 Environmental Export Platform (V4 EEP)


V4 Environmental Export Platform (V4 EEP)



We have found that there are possibilities to improve the cooperation between the environmental companies of V4 countries aiming to increase the access to the European and third country markets and to solve more environmental problems: improve the quality of the environment, raise awareness to fulfil the constitutional right to healthier environment in Visegrad countries and beyond. We would like to emphasize the need to enhance working networks between V4 countries and signal the importance of a stronger cooperation among V4 environmental companies and NGOs in the context of scientific exchange and smart sustainable development goals. Therefore this project aims at gathering environmental experts from all Visegrad countries to share their knowledge and country specific environmental problems which outline steps towards cooperation on projects in the Visegrad countries and beyond, mainly in the Balkan countries.

As a side event of the 3rd ÖKOINDUSTRIA International Environmental Industry the Hungarian Association of Environmental Enterprises organised a seminar to launch the V4 Environmental Export Platform to identify cooperation opportunities in the environmental business sector among the Visegrad countries on 25 September 2013. The participating countries’ representatives gave an overview about their environmental industry and opportunities for cooperation.
As a following step in strengthening the common activities the Partners organised a conference in Prague.

The project V4 Environmental Export Platform conference is co-financed by the INTERNATIONAL VISEGRAD FUND. The INTERNATIONAL VISEGRAD FUND provides EUR 9000 grant to implement the project.

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